Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Days 4-7

So it's been a rough couple days. Saturday we went to Austin for Texas Drum Corps Preview, unfortunately I didn't get to perform because I sat out the day before and was still recovering from Thursday. Mama Tara and Papa Corey (Mason's parents) came to watch, it was really good seeing them. Also got to see my friend David. Sunday was rough we got back from Austin about 1am and still had to unload and we had changed housing sites. We are now currently in Godley, TX by the way. Sunday we had morning block and I survived and early afternoon we left for a performance in Southlake, TX. Megan said that I would be able to perform in this show and I was excited but worried. The performance was good. Mom, Dad, Amanda, and PJ had come. Oh, and Belle, my mom's sheltie puppy. I completely lostit when my mom walked up. I'm so homesick. It's awful. My mom bought me several things I needed or forgot and among them was a letter that Morgan sent me before she left but didn't make it to my mail box in time. Monday things went downhill fast, I pushed myself all through morning block and didn't sit out but I paid for it in afternoon sectionals and evening block things didn't get any better. Megan, Tyler, and I had talked about alternatives and at the rate I was going I needed to make a decision soon. I had been praying about it and weighting my options, coupled with the fact that I was getting worst each day, I made the decision to switch to front ensemble. After making the decision I felt it was definitely right for me. Tyler and Megan were both really understanding and supportive in my decision and for that I thank them greatly. It was a really hard decision to make and knowing that I wasn't judged nor looked down upon for choosing either way, allowed me to make an unclouded choice thus choosing what was best for me and in the end I think it will be best for the ensemble. Tuesday I started my run with the pit and I am currently playing rack and things health wise are getting much better. Hope all is well on the home front and don't forget that you can send me snail mail! (address is located in the post before)

Thanks and Gig'em
Clara Turk
Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2012 A-WHOOP
"We can not change the cards we are dealt, only how we play the hand"

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